Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey ★★★★★

My soul is still trapped in between corridors, places and elevators. people has passed through it , I’m there but I’m also here. Yes, people has passed through me but they haven’t felt my presence as I’m light as the summer breezes. First, that piece of me that I abandoned was heavy but soon it melted and became part of a place. A place can hold heavy burdened souls and endure it or let it vanish into nothingness. I’m still leaving pieces of me in some places and it will be like that till the end of me as I’m planning to leave this world with a light soul as possible.
If you muted a chopin nocturne, this is how it feels like, it would still have a feeling. This film is like If you would take a long sigh for 60 minutes.

Chantal Akerman, I love you.