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  • The Place Beyond the Pines

    The Place Beyond the Pines


    It's funny how the climax makes me rate movies higher.

    This movie was slow. It had this fucking cool ryan gosling with the attitude and some good shots like the opening long shot. The second act was so boring, I love Bradley Cooper but there just isn't much going on. The last act with the kids was boring too however the last few minutes were everything comes together was well done. The idea of following different characters as protagonists was really good, it felt kindda like game of thrones but there was so much the film could have done but just didn't.

  • Visaranai



    Wrong place, wrong time.

    Our government is fucked, police system is fucked, health care system is fucked, education system is fucked, everything is fucked. This film is really dark, brutal, and realistic. I can't help but imagine what if I got caught randomly walking on the road without doing anything, I can't bear being hit and would end up in jail my whole life and everything would be ruined. Vetrimaraan direction is top notch, he is easily the best in…

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  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion


    Almost made me cry out loud. U guys should watch this at mid night. This was a ride, they showed the bloopers, the table read, so many clips, audience stories and amazing guests. People who hate this show did not watch it or they just like hating on famous things. Yes, the laugh track is cringe but this show is an exception, the laugh track feels good when you watch alone or have no friends. The series was shot…

  • Loki



    It started off by showing the Avengers and it went on to show an iron man homage scene how can it not be good.

    I am just happy that we got a Loki series. Marvel series seems to be getting better with every show. I feel this will be better than FATWS. I just hope not to fall into believing fan theories and have high expectations. The first episode is quirky but mostly serves as build up for what's to come. It's good that they didn't make it as complex as wandavision first episodes. The cliffhanger was dope, can't wait for next ep