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    Max Mad in Scotland

  • Paris Is Us

    Paris Is Us

    I was super excited to watch this film, let me just start out with this statement. I heard about this project months ago when the production team was in need of funds to get the films into theaters. I actually considered participating in their crowdfunding efforts but having not seen much of the film, I ended up not doing so. Now that I've seen it : this was an excellent decision.

    That film is a mess for the simple reason…

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  • The Wolf's Call

    The Wolf's Call


    I finally got the time to check this out in the movies and i am glad I did! I hadn't experienced that much tension in a while.

    First things first : the plot. I believe this is a French first, I had never seen a French movie on that subject, so that was a nice and welcome change. The storyline is pretty straightforward after a very tense introduction, while there is a Hollywood feel to it, it's so impressively well…

  • Mad Max 2

    Mad Max 2


    Watched this today following my "Mad Max" viewing of earlier this week. I'm just as confused as Monday it seems.

    While the storyline has improved (the post-apocalyptic world is starting to make sense). Again, the vilains are completely off, they felt like escaped sadomasochiste sex slaves to me, meaning I couldn't take them seriously one bit. One of the vilains actually has a bare bum for the entire film - the ENTIRE film.

    --> Cancel what I said in my last review, I'm quitting my viewing of the entire series. ENOUGH.