A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★★

Daily Horror Haunt: October 2019 – #16

19. Who would win in a fight? Michael Meyers vs Jason vs Freddy vs Leatherface vs Chucky? Whoever you decide would win, watch the 4th movie in the series.

Over time this movie has grown into one of my favorite sequels of this franchise. To make it even odder, I have watched this solo more times than watching the entire series. Even though this is a continuation of the 3rd movie it works as a standalone flick. This entry follows the original formula in a paint by number fashion but I can't even get mad at that.

This has some of the greatest kills of the franchise including but not limited to the water bed scene and the infamous and gory fly scene. Freddy K isn't completely silly yet and can actually strike fear into the viewer. Sure, he has his questionable one-liners and some silly kills but it gets a lot worse from here.

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