Jesus Christ Superstar ★★★½

I wanted to watch something with a religious theme this Easter. I kept thinking.. have I really seen all of Jesus Christ Superstar? I've heard some songs, seen bits and pieces but never all of it I think.

The famous Tim Rice / Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that tells the story of Jesus as a rock epic.

I enjoyed this overall. The music is very solid (albeit a bit repetitive, with a few key themes repeated many times over), the singers and dancers are certainly talented and it hits all the main beats but this time Jesus is surrounded by (then) modern hippies and stoners, haha. I think maybe a bit more diversity wouldn't have hurt it though - diversity in the music (there is some, but I feel like most of the music is on exactly the same "vibe" with very few major standout moments), and diversity in the environment. Desert. Caves. Scaffolds in the desert. More desert. You get it. Even a town or a forest or a beach would've been a great change of pace.

I think it does deliver on the overall idea though, and the thought of juxtaposing it with modern clothes and items and weapons and themes is pretty great. But I almost feel like it does little else as well: imagine "Jesus the rock opera" and that's exactly what you have here. Perfectly solid, never amazing. There are no "Memories" or "Phantom of the Opera" or "Think of Me" or even "Part of Your World" moments here. To be fair I think this was one of their early works, but still.

Now that I've seen it I think that's plenty. I won't be coming back to it anytime soon.