• Tezuka's Barbara

    Tezuka's Barbara


    good pussy make a man go crazy

  • Issencho Yen no Minoshirokin

    Issencho Yen no Minoshirokin


    i wasn't expecting to cry at the end of this one but here we are

  • Galaxy Turnpike

    Galaxy Turnpike


    visually this bangs. 50s diner space freaks all the way baby. but plot-wise....what the fuck? I'm not even sure it had one

  • Hong Kong Night Club

    Hong Kong Night Club


    first of all it's really funny that this is on two LGBTQ+ lists because I'm guessing no one actually watched it because uhhhh it relies heavily on ye olde "predatory gay" stereotype to the point there's an attempted sexual assault and tbh if I were making a list like this I would maybe shove this under the rug!

    but even if you excised all of the predatory stuff it's still not a very good movie! there's a point where you…

  • Monkey Magic

    Monkey Magic


    it's cute and sometimes that's enough

  • HERO



    letterboxd really don't tell you shit about shit sometimes but for those keeping track this is the Hero SP from 2006 where kuryu gets transferred to a coastal village. it's better than the two feature films but not as good as the actual TV series themselves

  • Long Vacation

    Long Vacation


    is a japanese drama a tv show? is it a mini-series? a very long movie broken into parts? it's on here and i watched it so what the hell. it's cute and romantic and a bit role reversal-y because the male lead is someone who is kind of quiet and unsure of himself. also the theme song SLAPS

  • Private Lessons II

    Private Lessons II


    I watched about 3 seconds of this and the dub was so bad that I couldn't even keep watching, and I LOVE trash like this

  • Stranger



    boy this really couldn't decide if this was a movie about vampires or a murder mystery that just happens to have vampires in it. and it's not even SEXY vampires

  • Typhoon Family

    Typhoon Family


    tsuyoshi kusanagi is a helluva actor I tell you what. but this was a lot better than I thought it'd be (the synopsis on here sucks???). it's nice to see a family on screen where everyone is kind of a piece of shit in their own way

  • Sea of Revival

    Sea of Revival


    I really love Shingo Katori so I wanted the best for this but unfortunately it fell kind of flat.

  • Midnight Swan

    Midnight Swan


    is this a movie about being trans? it is, and it isn't.

    nagisa is a trans woman who is suddenly entrusted with the care of a junior high aged relative, ichika. at first nagisa is cold and callous to ichika but grows to love ichika as if she were her own child. the two bond over dance - nagisa dances in a nightclub, while ichika desires to take ballet lessons after she discovers that she has a natural talent for…