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  • Galaxy Turnpike

    Galaxy Turnpike


    visually this bangs. 50s diner space freaks all the way baby. but plot-wise....what the fuck? I'm not even sure it had one

  • Hong Kong Night Club

    Hong Kong Night Club


    first of all it's really funny that this is on two LGBTQ+ lists because I'm guessing no one actually watched it because uhhhh it relies heavily on ye olde "predatory gay" stereotype to the point there's an attempted sexual assault and tbh if I were making a list like this I would maybe shove this under the rug!

    but even if you excised all of the predatory stuff it's still not a very good movie! there's a point where you…

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  • Dracula III: Legacy

    Dracula III: Legacy

    this is actually WAY better than dracula II story-wise but alas i only watched it for my sad, pathetic teenage crush on diane neal but she only shows up at the very end.