Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½


Ready or Not is certainly absurd in its premise in a lot of ways, and if it was supposed to be a straight “human being hunted” film it would have failed miserably. But, it’s use of humor within the story made this fun and enjoyable. This is a film meant to entertain and it does. It’s the type of film that you’ll throw on when you see it pop up in Netflix or Hulu. It’s just plane fun.

I also love seeing Adam Brody in more stuff. I love his brand of dry comedy it always cracks me up. 

And can we please have a lot more of Samara Weaving?! She is incredible. I loved her in The Babysitter but this really made me feel like we need a lot more of her. Just a terrific performance and she is pretty badass.

This isn’t any kind of serious film meant to scare you. I think it’s meant to be entertaining and fun, and for that, mission accomplished.

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