BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

'The Blacker the Berry' in cinematic form this is not. Unlike other Spike joints, this is more like J. Cole's brand of slightly watered down, unevenly cool, often condescendent, yet always assuredly delivered, charismatic, rightfully impassioned social consciousness. Which is just a way of articulating that it's constantly almost as questionable as it is likable.

Utilizing film history and an immensely compelling real story to indict whataboutism in the context of race politics in the age of Trump is a truly great concept, it's only a little underwhelming that the movie keeps putting both its thriller narrative and meta essay - as well as the all too fleeting, but remarkable ideal alignment of the two - aside for serving as a mere set-up for its own ending clips, therefore (kind of) cheapening its message.

Still great, though.

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