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  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    First rewatch of this one, and it’s a big snore. Boy do I wish PTA hadn’t attempted this. The source material is one of my favorite fun reads but this just seems to miss the mark.

  • Angels Over Broadway

    Angels Over Broadway


    As I understand from your communication, Mr. Engel, you are on the brink of self-destruction — may I shake your hands? A brilliant idea! I speak as one who has destroyed himself a score of times. I am, Mr. Engel, a veteran corpse. We are all corpses here. This rendezvous is one of the musical graveyards of the town — caters to zombies, hopping around with dead hearts and price tags for souls. Humph. Will you join me, sir? It…

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  • Cats


    Attempt #1 - left after an hour.

    This was like a nightmare where no one stops singing gibberish. It feels like everyone is continuously being introduced via songs that don’t clarify anyone’s motivations. I couldn’t resist laughing out loud at the first cat that I saw. My friend I saw it with threw up when Judy Dench appeared. This movie was an enhanced interrogation technique.

  • Is Genesis History?