Jamie Rowland

Jamie Rowland

Junior video editor at BAFTA. Video producer on Kermode & Mayo. Fairly pleasant.

Favorite films

  • Paper Moon
  • The Thing
  • Burning
  • Still Walking

Recent activity

  • Christine


  • The Matrix Revolutions


  • Malignant


  • The Kid Detective


Recent reviews

  • Malignant



    Absolutely wild shit, I had a great time

  • Candyman



    There's a lot I like about this, which makes the stuff I don't like all the more frustrating. I think visually it's great and often really striking, and I think the expansion of the Candyman myth is really smart and makes perfect sense for 2021. However, it feels like they don't trust the audience to get what the film is trying to say and so really bludgeon you over the head with it.

    The ending is also a bit of a mess, trying to land that message one more time while what's happening in the plot doesn't quite seem to fit in with those ideas.

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    Delia Derbyshire: The Myths And Legendary Tapes


    I can understand the temptation to experiment when telling the story of Delia Derbyshire, and obviously hybrid documentaries can work really well, but this feels like three different films pulling against each other. The result is quite frustrating, and that's not helped when interesting elements seem to be teased and then never fully explored: at the start of the film we're told that 267 tapes were found in Derbyshire's attic after she died, but we get very little if anything…

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