Tenet ★★★★★

Had to see it again, it's still amazing, in fact it's even better.

It has issues, some of Nolan's trademark bad dialogue, one or two things that don't make sense even within the rules of the film.

But I really couldn't care less about that shit, this is an insane spy film with a ridiculously cartoonish villain, unbelievably impressive action scenes, a very charming John David Washington, a somehow even more charming Robert Pattinson, a killer score, stunning cinematography (Nolan has finally figured out how to shoot conversation scenes and hand to hand combat scenes!), a really cool story, and an even cooler concept.

Nolan finally made something I like as much as lots of people like his other shit and apparently those people don't like it? That's too bad, I hope Nolan makes another crazy film like this.

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