• Tracing Her Shadow

    Tracing Her Shadow


    Following the advantages of the director's previous work, it is still light and agile, but the handling is more restrained. Many small details with a touch of humor are like an inadvertent but worth pondering flash of inspiration in life, echoing the highlights of the long mirror at the end of the night tour, which is heartbreaking and helpless.

    Turn, or disillusionment, all the drama is finally wiped out. Although it is the theme of war orphans & family search, the…

  • The Beauty

    The Beauty


    Gražuolė is a sad film about an 8-year-old girl who is a little naughty. Many children of the same age do not want to play with her because they think she is too ordinary, and her so-called "friends" one day pretended to hold a beauty contest and chose her as the "beautiful queen", and she began to believe that she was beautiful, until one day a strange boy told her she was not at all. If she is not beautiful,…

  • Glamorous Youth

    Glamorous Youth


    I almost thought this movie was a Taiwanese work. Not like a film critic's film, but more like a writer's film, with a certain depth of text and room for reading. The spiritual history of Hong Kong people on the 10th anniversary of the handover is full of political metaphors. The characters in the film are constantly looking for self-worth and self-identity, and behind them are helplessly dissolving the 97 complex.

    Every heart is an island, and everyone is always…

  • Jane



    She is not just a person, just what she said herself on stage, she was illusory.

    I seriously doubt that the director of Jane intentionally prevents you from smoothing out the chaotic timeline. He just wants you to remember the glittering little happiness in the unfortunate life of these marginalized people. I always thought that what the film conveys is just an emotion, like the wings of a butterfly in the sun, it just expresses, no matter what you see.…

  • One Day

    One Day


    "You're my Everest, you're the other side of the World Trade Center, the destination I want to get to."

    We are often tangled, but live as we hate. And what changed us? Surroundings. Society. Only our male protagonist is the most sober, but every choice he makes when he is sober also hurts him the most. But it is enough for me to remember this day. If you figure out how to bless you, you will continue to have a…

  • Last Twilight in Phuket

    Last Twilight in Phuket


    A Love Letter dedicated to all the fans with love. Tell about the overflowing love to Phuket's sea breeze, bright moon, sunset and dusk. Pure youth is so fleeting, let it stay in that kiss in the twilight, and seal it forever.

  • Dad... Can I Borrow the Car?

    Dad... Can I Borrow the Car?


    Damn, I didn't know Teshigahara made a commercial about American car culture in the late 60s for Disney.

  • Open House

    Open House


    Loneliness is the resonance of ten thousand dark hearts, but even so, it is still in its lifetime, looking for the light that passes through the gap. Loneliness, the one who is at sea, holding the sail. Lonely child, you are the grace of creation.

    From this to Luxurious Bone, lighting has become more comfortable, and the effect of this strangely beautiful lighting is as if the eyeballs are full of bones. Think of Tsai Ming-Liang and the alienation of…

  • Alone in Love

    Alone in Love


    "Our separation of each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.

    - Albert Einstein

    Aren't we all but Alone in Love? In reality, there seem to be many couples who can't be happy because they don't know how to communicate well, but the male and female protagonists of this show clearly love each other, like two magnets with opposite positive and negative poles separated by the smallest distance, but was pulled by the screenwriter and felt that they couldn't get…

  • Out There

    Out There


    "One day I met a woman in the cinema. She sits just few rows in front of me. I watch her as part of the film. I wonder if she was really there, or just the memory haunted me.

    I remember that I had developed the film with her inside . I eventually catch the image of her. But if I pass her by on the street, could I notice her as her? When my departure, I noticed that her…

  • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

    Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes


    Fractal continuation of love in time and space, predicting TV in two minutes, two fools playing swords and guns, yellow clothes observing and singing double reeds, hating future paradoxes. I like to talk about simple love with complicated settings: I don't care whether the future world will turn into ruins, I just want to know if you will fall in love with me in two minutes.

  • Suzaku



    Speechless, staring, parting, recorded time passing, not omniscient narration, five times of music, structured passages brewing discrete emotions. Naomi Kawase has some symbols derived from personal experience and memory, such as the nature of the countryside, the wind and the grass, the ignorant emotions of boys and girls, the departure of father or mother, and the songs of the kind old man. In her mid twenties, she created her own unique aesthetic concept with this irresistable and to die for…