Normal People

Normal People ★★★★

I read the novel last summer and then quickly read Rooney's other book. She is possibly one of my favourite authors. Her writing is so beautiful and raw and honest and I think that is reflected so successfully in this show. I decided to watch the show slowly, finally finishing this morning, since I didn't want to break my heart all at once. I re-read the book also, before starting the show - I wanted to relive it all on the pages first. The casting is near enough perfect for me. I did expect Lorraine to be a little more mumsy and I wasn't a fan of Helen or Alan, however Connell and Marianne are exactly how I pictured them. Each episode near enough brought me to tears and the relationship between the two is so emotive. I think the show is shot really nicely and is possibly the closest anyone could get to being close to the book, that being said - I think the book is better, only just. If you decide to watch, make sure to stockpile on the tissues and prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster.

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