Love and Monsters ★★★★

What a pleasant surprise, the truth is that I wasn't expecting much from this movie, it didn't call my attention. But I really enjoyed it, I found it really entertaining and quite touching. Love and Monsters has heart which makes it stand out from many of today's blockbusters.

I'm not very familiar with Dylan O'Brien's work but I thought he was a fantastic lead, his performance was quite charismatic and expressive and elevated the film as a whole, I would like to see him in more projects he is really talented. Michael Rooker and Ariana Greenblatt's characters, although they appear very little, really stand out in their few scenes.

The movie doesn't have a big budget, but it uses its resources in the best possible way, the designs of the monsters are quite good and although the special effects are not impressive, they really do their job.

Also the dog was a wonder, probably one of the best dogs I've ever watched in movies.

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