WALL·E ★★★★½

I will keep this short and sweet. The first half of this film is astounding and impressive on every level, much like a silent film it shows everything visually that it needs to set up the story. From the aching loneliness of our protagonist doomed to clean up the literal wasteland that is Earth, to the characters of WALL.E and EVE striking up a delightful relationship that is communicated through subtle moments of wonder and affection. Just watch the slap-stick silent film moments that plague him whilst he voyeuristically watches her, the way WALL.E excitedly shows off all his collectibles as a way of connection or the utter heartbreak as the connection is cut off and he tries to regain it through some touching scenarios.

The film follows a much more familiar route in the second half which is by no means an issue with the film ('Up' follows the exact same path) but it's just that there is a noticeable tonal shift once dialogue comes into play and with the narrative becoming more action driven that one longs for more of the perfection displayed in the first half. 2001: A Space Odyssey references are playful and fun but are well-worn this at this stage in film evolution, but that is still hardly a mark against this wonderful film.

WALL.E is top shelf PIXAR and a film that I come back to quite regularly, especially for the note perfect first half. There is such beauty, subtlely and craft at work here that it transcends animation and stands as a film to be adored and respected.

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