Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★

''I want all of my Garmonbozia!''

WARNING: It is recommended that you watch Twin Peaks the series in full before venturing into this film.

If you are down with Twin Peaks, then you have seen this and if you can jive with David Lynch you have seen it probably more than once. After a couple of detours through the small town of Twin Peaks, and having seen this film just once, I thought I would give my new Blu-ray copy a test-drive and see if it would improve after the 10 or so years since I last fire-walked with Laura Palmer.

The answer to this is yes, but being a certified Twin Peaks-aphile is the true key to getting the most out of this prequel/sequel that opts take the dark path that is the last days of Miss Palmer. Just like the series it blends surreal absurdity with small town melodrama in the most delicious of ways and whilst the focus of the film is purely on Sheryl Lee's protagonist, it is also a welcome sight to see most of the TV series cast back doing that thing we all love combined with Angelo Badalamenti's haunting score. Lee's performance is undeniably powerful as she delves into dark areas of her psyche to wrestle with her demons and she owns every scene she is in. The Black Lodge scenes are always a joy to behold and reek of Lynch at his most playful, whilst a sexy romp at the Bang Bang Bar proves a centrepiece of the film where instead of jacking down the music so we can hear the dialogue, Lynch ramps up the sound and launches subtitles at the viewer as an unsettling experiment.

Whilst many decry this as Lynch at his most pretentious (check out Tarantino's disdainful remarks from the 1992 Cannes film festival), fans surely have no trouble finding greatness in this film, even if it feels less accomplished than his most sublime works. Whilst it is second tier Lynch for me, I cannot deny myself the pleasure of coming back to it's enigmatic wonder over and over.

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