Tenet ★½

Mate, what the fuck are you talking about?

That's what I was thinking 94% of the time I was watching the film. The other 6% was thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner. Because I was hungry. I wasn't hungry for more of this film. It dragged on and on.

It was like some really annoying RPG game that your high school computer studies teacher made you play. And it just got more complex and annoying.

Most of the film I couldn't understand what the actors were saying, They were just mumbling, but maybe they were annoyed with the over complicating script and wanted to go on smoko. Seemed like Robert Pattison's accent changed during the film, was that meant to be? Because later, then, now before blah blah?

I've got no qualification in physics but I reckon this isn't even possible.

How the fuck does fire turn into ice because you're in some future past future now before zone? Fucken hell, mate. Seriously. Fuck.

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