• Embrace of the Serpent

    Embrace of the Serpent


    Loved it when the Director himself, Ciro Guerra showed up at the screening to introduce his film! Thanks IFFI!

  • Anandi Gopal

    Anandi Gopal


    Movie had its flaws but this is an important story to tell to every Indian. Anandi was one of the first female doctor of India! Her story is really inspirational..

  • Miss Osaka

    Miss Osaka


    Mirai Moriyama and Junko Abe in a Danish Japanese production! Man I'm guilty of having bias for when the scenes switched to the neon filled japanese city lights.

    Instant fan of Victoria Carmen. What an actor!

  • Introduction



    Hong Sang soo on the big screen for the first time!

    Kim Min hee smoking a cigarette..

    "Life needs a little bit of impulsiveness..." to which the girl replies... "You look pretty..."

    Seen at IFFI, Goa.

  • Mio on the Shore

    Mio on the Shore


    I have never seen this director's work. I was surprised by the slow pacing!

  • Be Yourself

    Be Yourself

    This is on YouTube for free, like most cdramas! I’m currently watching the pilot and omg Shen Yue 🥺😍

  • Farewell Song

    Farewell Song


    Regret not watching this sooner. Brb, searching for all the songs played in this one. Also, obligatory shoutout to Nana Komatsu ❤️

  • The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse


    Seen as part of Béla Tarr retrospective on the big screen at IFFI, Goa.

  • Haruka's Pottery

    Haruka's Pottery


    Adorable movie about a young woman quitting her Tokyo job to pursue pottery in the quiet villages of Okayama. Reminds you of anything similar? 😋

  • Threads - Our Tapestry of Love

    Threads - Our Tapestry of Love


    This day will remembered as NanaxSuda Day. Congratulations on the marriage! 😭🖤

  • Miss Lonely

    Miss Lonely


    Finally got hold of a great print of this! Beautiful film by Obayashi! Seeing a young Kirin Kiki cameo was just icing on the cake!

  • The Family Game

    The Family Game


    Wait why did I enjoy watching this so much? And wait what just happened at the end?