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  • The Night of the Iguana
  • Tea and Sympathy
  • It Happened Here
  • Little Murders

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  • It Happened Here

    It Happened Here


    "But why did you join the Organization in the first place? When you joined that you accepted National Socialism, and you accepted every method it employs to achieve its aims."
    What would you do if Nazi Germany took over your country? If It Happened wherever Here is for you? That’s the question that committed filmmakers Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo demand their audience reckon with. Taking obvious inspiration from Orwell’s 1984, this might be the greatest mockumentary ever made.  

  • Little Murders

    Little Murders


    "It was after this that I began to wonder. If they're that unformidable, why bother to fight back? It's very dangerous. It's dangerous to challenge a system unless you're completely at peace with the thought that you're not going to miss it when it collapses."
    Don’t you just love the feeling after finishing an under-the-radar film you never heard of and put on at random only to discover one of the great films you’ve ever seen and an instant affirmation…

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  • Diamantino



    Despite their contrasting styles, I was surprised to notice that there are many thematic parallels between Diamantino and Titane in terms of gender performance and sexual politics. 
    Might update with my further thoughts down the line but given all the Titane-love going on right now and how much I go against the grain in that respect, I don’t feel like typing all that out at the moment. That’s obviously in regards to Aisha/Rahim. 
    Diamantino himself is a whole different thematic ball…

  • Proof



    "You never mentioned my breasts."
    Proof is a graceful, low-key dramedy out of Australia that deftly balances humor and emotion for the majority of its brief runtime while tackling weighty themes involving truth, disability, human nature, and toxic relationships.
    When I first read that the plot revolved around the outwardly absurd premise of a blind photographer, I was wary of manipulative or shallow kitsch. So, I was curious to see how that premise could play out in any realistic way.…

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  • Spencer



    The Virgin factually accurate biopic vs the Chad impressionistic character study. 

    In other words—as evident by the protestations from the person who saw the movie with me—this isn’t how Diana really was. My poor Dianaphilic companion couldn’t see the forest for the trees. She was most upset by Kristen Stewart’s overly histrionic, borderline high camp take on the beautiful, miserable princess—one who despite the worst turmoil always kept her best foot forward and did her best. Emma Corrin’s portrayal on…

  • Mädchen in Uniform

    Mädchen in Uniform


    “Cured of what?”
    This is from 1931….. nineteen thirty one!!!!!!
    Germany….WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED?!?!?!?!!!