A Bigger Splash ★★

2nd time in 2 weeks, wanted to see one film but wound up with another. I tried to order the 2016 film 'A Bigger Splash', and received instead a docu-drama dating back to 1974 about David Hockney. Never mind - I gave it half an hour before, if I am totally honest, getting a bit bored - the most interesting bits were scenes of David Hockney working, how refreshing it is to see an artist doing his own work instead of hiring an army to create a brand for him. As I got bored I read up about it, turns out this documentary got an 'X' rating in the UK and attracted bans in several countries for the nudity and sex scenes - the one scene I saw that would qualify seemed deliberately inserted, disconnected from the rest of the film other than as a scene-setter. The whole thing feels a bit staged, more so than reality TV is now staged; but I think it is because everyone involved believed they were participating in a documentary, and were all too willing to participate in the story the filmmaker wanted to tell, even as I understand it they weren't told until later precisely what that story would be. In short, I wanted to like this given the rave reviews out there on the internet about it... and I will give it points for interesting cinematography and for choosing a good subject. But it just feels too contrived to me.