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  • Above the Law

    Above the Law


    Seagal is thin, angry, brutal and at the top of his game. Seagal’s Nico was a Sicilian born mafia hood, a teen aged side burned Aikido master living in Japan, a Tokyo embassy party goer, a medical doctor proficient in modern and traditional medicine, a CIA agent, an incorruptable super soldier, a Catholic father and husband, probably an Olympic sprinter and one hell of a chivalrous cop. One thing Nico isn’t is above the law; well, except when it comes…

  • Dreams



    Thematically very similar to Smiles of a Summer Night, but in tone and even the way it’s filmed it feels more like earlier films (Ship to India or To Joy). At issue are two relationships; an older man’s infatuation with a young model and a middle aged woman’s long-running affair with a married family man. In both relationships all parties are humiliated by their lust and neediness, but particularly the men. We also have a nice dysfunctional parent-child relationship. But…

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  • Beyond Dream's Door

    Beyond Dream's Door


    Low budget high concept horror flick about contagious nightmares haunted by a dream monster and the ghost people previously killed by the dream monster who are then forced to spout bad poetry. Creative and interesting with some good low budget gore but short on acting talent and coherent plotting and most of things you’re looking for in a good movie. But it goes for it. Fans of the Polonia brothers will really dig it.

  • Winterbeast



    Great dialogue, nutty characters, stop motion monster effects, significant aging and real and sometimes fake facial hair growth between consecutive scenes, off market and extremely unsafe flare gun usage and, I’m pretty sure, a dick in a box, combine in this ambitious and totally insane regional monster movie with lots and lots of different monsters. Fun flick.