Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

I think I am ready to talk about Sion Sono's 4h Love Exposure. First of all I can count with my fingers the movies that are so long and so entertaining at the same time. Love Exposure is an absurd comedy, a romantic obsessive extravaganza, a commentary about catholic and christian sects in Japan, a character study so bizarre that involves the main character becoming a famous upskirt voyeur artist and there is a lady who just loves his bird...

This is a lot of fun, at least in the first half, third and fourth quarters takes this movie in a whole different direction and the fun and laughts eventually just start fading and we can se moments of incredible great cinematography, storytelling and dialogue that just make me chill, but it never looses it's overall goofyness extravaganza and absurdity at all. And this absurdity obviously serves a greater purpose of representing things that I must admit got loose for me in this first run, as this movie screams rewatch at every second.

Before this one my only Sion Sono was Suicide Club, and I think I am convinced to go deep into this deviant, as his style es appealing to my interests and at the same time I must say that I can hardly describe this movie experience. This is wacko, bizarre, funny, intense, ridiculous, absurd, perfection yuxtaposed with silliness in a very strict way. If you want to Sion Sono yourself, I think this is a good start, don't be scared of the runtime, you'll have a blast of a time (and a bunch of other feelings in the way).

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