Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III ★★★½

This movie definitely peaks too early. It starts off well enough, we get an interesting opening scene, we meet our new characters, none of which are particularly good characters, but whatever. Then we get to the island where we meet the newest addition to Jurassic Park: Spinosaurus. Now look, the Spinosaurus looks cool and all, but come on, it beats the T-Rex in like a minute, the Rex gets a shitty death, and we're just supposed to accept the Spino as our new champion? Fuck that, bring back the Rex.

After the admittedly awesome battle sequence, the movie never really recovers. It's essentially one big chase sequence, which is fine, but any magic that was left in the series is pretty much gone at this point. Bringing back Dr. Grant was a good move, even if his character kinda acted like a dick at times. And the movie does pick up a bit during the bird cage scene; as a matter of fact, the Pterodactyls steal the show.

Then there's the problem with the ending, or rather lack thereof. Seriously, one minute the gang is surrounded by raptors, and one big deus ex machina later, the movie's over. But despite these nagging issues, I'll admit that I've always enjoyed the movie. It's not a patch on the first, or even the second for that matter, but as a simple theme park ride, it works. Now I'm just hoping that Jurassic World can recapture some of that dino magic.

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