“I only came about my cough...” 
[Sunday, Bloody Sunday; 1971]

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  • Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould

    Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould


    A critic once opined that the true subject of a Ken Russell biographical film on any subject was Ken Russell himself. That’s not entirely true - but partly unavoidable for any act of creation - but that gist applies more readily here with Gould acting as a starting point for Director, François Girard than an end-point in his own right. 

    Thus it’s a patchwork of tit bits of Gould’s emphatic behaviours that literally make up the parts not the whole,…

  • Assault on Precinct 13

    Assault on Precinct 13


    Despite the shock slaying at the ice cream truck this is rather pallid in overall effect, operating like a polite bridge between outgoing grind house and yet to come straight-to-video gung-ho simplicity. 

    Its true compatriots though lie more with the straightforward television movies of the day with only the MCA-era Universal logo missing to crystallise the effect of stock situations and routine extrapolation to round out 90-minutes in front of the box.

    That said, scene blocking is uniformly good which…

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  • Dracula



    Having seen more new BBC television drama over Christmas than I would normally wish to encounter, these programmes tend to coalesce, not just for their seasonal clustering, but for the depressingly similar attitudes and techniques on display. Dracula is perhaps the most egregious example of this gaggle.

    What do you want from a television Dracula, possibly the most adapted piece of fiction in history? Well, given the time and resource lavished here, something that follows the spirit if not the…

  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry


    Pragmatism in excelsis; JFDI in practise. A film to reach out to for a periodic tonic, not just for the exhilarating thriller that it undoubtedly is, but for a fantasy manifestation of someone just getting things done in the face of everything. Harry Callaghan: everyday avenging Angel? Almost, but not quite.

    In a world where regulation piles upon regulation, a little reactionary kickback like this can calm material frustration, if not tame the bureaucratic beast from whence the rules spewed.…