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  • The Omega Man
  • Them!
  • The Brides of Dracula
  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

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  • Crucible of Terror


  • Cries of Pleasure


  • The Night Of Open Sex


  • The Keeping Hours


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  • Crucible of Terror

    Crucible of Terror

    Horror films set against a backdrop of the fine arts provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our twinned attraction to the beautiful and the grotesque but editor-turned-director Ted Hooker doesn’t bring much to the equation with CRUCIBLE OF TERROR (1971). Like Jean Yarbrough’s HOUSE OF HORRORS (1946), it’s a body count picture with somebody offing the family, friends, and associates of sleazy sculptor Mike Raven in and around his Cornish pied-à-terre. The supporting cast (including a post-HORROR OF…

  • Cries of Pleasure

    Cries of Pleasure

    Another team-up for Jess Franco, wife Lina Romay, and frequent rep player Antonio Mayans (aka Robert Foster)... this time in a grab-the-fortune tale of decadence, deception, and death among the elite. With Mayans' wife Elisa Vela due home from a long stretch in the sanitarium, the greedy libertine plots with new girlfriend Romay to murder the missus and abscond to France with her fortune... but Mayans' side piece Rocio Freixas isn't about to be put in a corner. Everyone has…

Popular reviews

  • A Cry in the Wild

    A Cry in the Wild

    So-so adaptation of Gary Paulsen's 1987 youth survival classic HATCHET, produced by Julie and Roger Corman, who changed the name so moviegoers wouldn't think it was a horror movie. Not a patch on the book, which stressed the power of positive thinking as a key survival tool, but decent viewing for younger viewers interested in bushcraft and survival skills.

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary

    Mary Lambert's 1989 adaptation of the gnarly Stephen King novel of the same name had some, to my eyes, deal-breaking flaws back in the day but it has improved with age and remains a good effort with a wonderful sense of place and atmosphere. This 2019 refire never forges a tenable, lived-in reality and galumphs through the first and second acts in jarringly tone deaf fashion before accomplishing some decent grace notes in its final third. The WICKERMAN-ish curlicues that…