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This review may contain spoilers.

First off, the elephant in the room is that there is so much press around the MCU and who has resigned contracts and what movies are coming out that not only are traditional plot outcomes pushed into a realm firmer than foregone conclusion (e.g. we knew Spiderman would be back but MCU decided to not even play coy by announcing his sequel before his "death" and releasing the trailer for it before he had made his onscreen return) but the finale is pretty well ripped of emotion because of knowing what to expect. I see there are plenty of people who put aside this predictably to find impact, and perhaps if I could do that I'd be more forgiving, but I'm frankly not invested enough to do that.

In any case, I do love that it's Back to the Future 2, I love that Hulk states rules that they then break, I all around love this knowing way the plot is put together. I don't love that they conveniently rip holes all through parallel realities to open up future stories/movies/spin-off TV shows. I know it's fair practice in comic book story-telling to leave huge backdoors for all kinds of multiverse shenanigans, but I've never been a huge fan of it, especially when it clearly serves marketing goals like a Loki TV show.

The tour through past films is a treat, and there's so much in here that fan service is at an all time high. There's also so much in here that the film begins to drag, lacking much action until the mega-clash finale, which occasionally drops into CGI overload. To be short: this movie didn't need to be a full three hours. There's several scenes which could have been cut or shortened (looking squarely at Tony in 1970 retreading territory we've already been down) to keep this movie fluid without losing its cohesion to the series as a whole.

But Endgame does call back to every point of the last 11 years of movies and sees it's characters off well, if predictably. Despite this predictable ending, the middle was completely unpredictable even if it did run too long. And anytime Captain America fought it was cool.

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