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  • Mutiny


    I bet this was fun to edit

  • Revenge of the Creature

    Revenge of the Creature


    Picks up right where the original left off—months after that first expedition, another goes in to swoop up Gill Man and plant him on display in an aquarium in Florida.

    Watched in 3D and it’s not as WOW as the first one, but still a solid 3D experience. Plenty of footage of Gill Man which is what a sequel needs. Plot is very King Kong, which cements it within the context of the original: that film is the Skull Island…

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  • Mothra vs. Godzilla

    Mothra vs. Godzilla


    Kaiju and the Kid Rewatch

    The boy did good on his preschool final exam and learned (mostly) how to tie his shoes, so he was awarded a NECA King of the Monsters burning Godzilla and his choice of dinner--anything, anywhere.

    He chose at home. Papa John's. With a Godzilla movie.

    He picked Mothra vs Godzilla.

    We had an absolute blast. I didn't take notes. I've said it before, but now I REALLY feel that time is passing. He's too knowledgeable.…

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    “I’m glad he’s on our side.”
    “For now.”

    King of the Monsters set an incredibly high benchmark for Godzilla vs Kong to clear, at least for fans like me whose hearts beat in time with Ifukube’s original thundering theme for the great kaiju. And it’s clear from Tom Holkenberg’s off-beat rendition—or more properly, homage, to Ifukube’s song that Godzilla vs Kong is not going to come near that level of epic fan service.

    But while this may be the first…