Tenet ★★★★★

this was easily my most anticipated release of the year. having been unable to go to the cinema for the last 6 months, it was extremely exciting to be going back to watch something on the big screen. however, i’ll try to be as objective as possible.

i found the concept backing the story really intriguing and the initial exposition of this concept makes the first part of tenet digestible. some people may think that’s there’s too much exposition, but personally i enjoy exposition when it’s done in an interesting way. but following this, the plot is extremely difficult to keep up with, more so than anything else i’ve watched in recent memory. i don’t entirely blame myself for struggling to keep up, but i think it’s the SOUND of tenet that makes this so. it is incredibly difficult to hear the dialogue in tenet (which is crucial since most exposition is delivered through dialogue) because you can barely hear what characters are saying over the score and other background noises. this coupled with the wide range of accents amongst the cast makes it even more difficult to understand what’s happening, 

cast wise you have john david washington in the lead and he is brilliant, commanding the screen in every scene, much like his father. elizabeth debicki is strong and robert pattinson is also fabulous in support. kenneth branagh chews the scenery as a sneering russian arms dealer, great stuff.

the real meat of the film though is the time bending element, referred to as "inversion". the film does a great job of delivering the right amount of exposition to allow the broad strokes of the narrative and action to make sense. in-fact at one point a character tells our lead not to think about it too much, this is good advice. rather, i suspect that subsequent viewings will unearth the fine detail of the plot.

overall, i did enjoy tenet and will definitely watch it again, but this might just be nolan’s most flawed film yet. still, the experience of watching this in a cinema after months of not watching anything in one, coupled with its daring plot, will make it something i won’t ever stop thinking about. this makes me slightly biased with a 5 star- rating, but this feels more like a 4.5.

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