• Crazy Mama

    Crazy Mama


    what that malph do

  • Radioactive Dreams

    Radioactive Dreams


    we need to start using “mondo (cool/dorky/weird/etc.)” as a compound modifier again

  • Waitress



    like a good piece of pie, looks like a deceptively simple trifle but ends up being fulfilling in a way that knocks you flat for an hour after. adrienne shelly embarrassed every fox searchlight hack in the industry with this one and she should’ve lived to make a dozen more.

  • The Mafu Cage

    The Mafu Cage


    tfw no manic primate murder gf :(

  • The Shower

    The Shower


    lo-budge horror comedy that endearingly goes for dorky deadpan over “so that just happened” quippery. better than something found in the wilds of tubi should be but not as good as something found in the wilds of tubi COULD be

  • Dirty Work

    Dirty Work


    “hey, that was REAL FUNNY, pal”
    “really? i mean, don’t get me wrong, I thought it was funny, but i’m surprised YOU guys did, because, uh, you got your asses kicked.”

    a post-sandler 90s comedy whittled down to its simplest form, where the conventional plot serves mostly as a gag-delivery system. i really like that, as much as this is a norm macdonald “star vehicle,” it’s just as much about spotlighting the talents of his comedic forefathers (rickles and chevy)…

  • Nixon



    every time nixon speaks in front of a crowd he looks like he’s about to turn into a werewolf or rip open his shirt to reveal a suicide vest. 3 hours of a fussy little asexual frump being ferried from point to point by the most unconscionably evil men you can imagine, walking fragments of the a-bomb, until it all comes crashing down like a bad blind date. the sedate barcalounger-ruminations twin to the manic library file-dive of JFK. happy 9/11 anniversary, everyone!

  • Minority Report

    Minority Report


    spielberg’s angriest and bleakest movie also has his dumbest and funniest gags - yoga class! car factory! oops wrong sandwich! it’s like they say, a spoonful of sugar helps the eerily accurate warning about the techno-cop industrial panopticon go down. happy 9/11 anniversary, everyone!

  • Traffic



    oliver stone mid pack. (is mid pack an adjective or a noun? this movie did not teach me a lot about drugs.)

  • That'll Be The Day

    That'll Be The Day


    funny and bleak portrait of wayward youth and curdled dreams in post-war england. real grim stuff for a teen idol of the time like essex. bumper cars, ringo starr, alberquerque.

  • Friendship Never Dies

    Friendship Never Dies


    totally gobsmacked by the montage of the two BFFs in full retro-trad gear decorating their shared bedroom with marilyn monroe posters to the accompaniment of a faux-50s library track that seems to be called “catfight.” if you missed out on the mid-20th century era of extremely unsubtle queercoding because you weren’t born yet, lifetime movies are the place to be. great creepy suspicious stepdad character in this too, though he’s tragically underutilized

  • The Tall Guy

    The Tall Guy


    curdled anglo-pop quirk vibes with goldblum rocking some of the ugliest fits known to man - one of emma thompson's character's personality traits in this is that her favorite color is orange (that's the level we're at), and i think it's because the filmmakers needed to reassure the audience that this isn't some alternate universe where a plague of colorblindness swept the general population of england years prior. funny when it's funny and ghastly when it's sentimental, especially an eye-watering…