Suspiria ★★★★½

There is no better drumroll to introduce a masterpiece than the drumbeat of Goblin for the opening credits of the iconic Suspiria. I never really appreciated the art of Suspiria until recently as I was too busy getting hammered and watching adrenaline pumping genre fare in the 80's, 90's, and 00's.

When Goblin's Suspiria theme came on I immediately thought of Halloween. Not because the movie reminded me of Halloween (which it should), but this was part of a 60 minute "Halloween Sounds" track that we would play on a loop when we beckoned trick-r-treaters to our haunted house on October 31 every year for 10-15 years.

What more can I add to everything that's already been said about this movie. The blues, reds, greens, and yellows! Every single kill enfolding over minutes, not seconds! Every! Single! Master-crafted! Scene! I could write this whole review with exclamation points or in all caps as that is how this movie IS -- everything is just unflinchingly brash and bold.

But I'd like to talk about some of the details of a few select scenes.

Like when Suzy Bannion arrives at the airport, looking nervously here-and-there, exits into the wind-slashing rain to desperately catch a taxi. I can't tell you how close to home that was for me in my early travel days in my late twenties when I would arrive in some foreign city late at night hoping that I could catch a ride to my hotel.

Or the scene where Pat Hingle is stabbed in the chest. Where any other movie would stop there, that's wasn't enough for Argento. We don’t just watch her get stabbed in the chest, we see the knife slice into her exposed beating heart, and THEN she falls through the Tiffany Glass-like ceiling, and brutally hanged while her friend is impaled by debris below.

Or the scene where Suzy finds herself in Helena Markos's room, with Marcos behind a blue and red tinted gauzy drape, wolf/beast-like snoring until awoken by what looks like billiard balls rolling across the floor in a POV shot.

All because ...

"You have been watching Suspiria."

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