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  • Cruella



    emma stone looked camp right in the eye.
    absolutely obsessed.

  • Framing Britney Spears

    Framing Britney Spears

    “it’s so easy. it’s so much fun to take a celebrity who’s a young, beautiful, talented girl and rip her to shreds.”
    i’m not sure how coherent my thoughts are going to be just because this topic has always been overwhelming for me. but this was such a heartbreaking documentary. while it doesn’t really show you anything new if you have been following her story this entire time, it’s still kind of traumatic to see how much shit this…

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  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier


    “i’m sorry, did i step on your moment?”
    biittccchhhh. this should have been natasha’s movie but that’s a different conversation for another day!

  • Luca



    “we underdogs have to look out for each other.” 

    i don’t know if anyone would agree with me on this but this felt like such a ghibli inspired film, with its simple yet effective plot and its beautiful scenic shots. this isn’t pixar at its most ambitious or creative, but it is one of the sweetest and charming family movies i’ve seen in a while. the animation blew me away, it was truly so beautiful to look at.

    while i…

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  • Murder Among the Mormons

    Murder Among the Mormons


    as a former mormon it’s crazy how recent all of this is and how it just wasn’t talked about at all within the church. the first 15 years of my life revolved around the mormon church and i had literally zero knowledge of any of this. 

    what happens when a church that cares so much about history is confronted with some history that doesn’t align with the narrative they’ve been teaching all these years? that’s an extremely interesting storyline for a miniseries. 

    solid entry in netflix’s true crime collection. only three episodes. quick and to the point.

  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion

    “this show is about that time in your life when your friends are your family.” 

    oh god. the waterworks. this show holds such a special place in my heart. it was such a big part of me learning english (just like BTS’s RM mentioned in this special) when i first moved to america. i’ve seen it countless times now. and it was so nice seeing them all in one room again all these years later.

    this is the only format where…