Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Was honestly surprised at how good this gets, considering that, on paper, Wrath of Man doesn’t look like the most ambitious flick. Harnessing cold, brutally bloody style with stone-faced revenge, Wrath of Man is collected and methodical. And effectively entertaining. Unfortunately it falls to being needlessly messy, but I love how it tries to be something more, and not too straightforward in its presentation. It zig-zags back and forth, and for the most part Ritchie executes the revenge story cleanly enough to a satisfying finish. There are moments that are confusing and aside from H, who isn’t deep on his own, there aren’t any real characters, but the untamed badassery is elevated in its simple poeticism that reminds of John Wick. Ritchie is unashamedly trying to be cool and it works, throwing in sequences that seem as if they were pulled out of a trailer with the exciting score.

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