A Page of Madness

A Page of Madness ★★½

Thunder and lightning, atmospheric calamity.
The night sky creates its own breed of insanity.
Living in agony, but bearing no scars,
trapped behind a brain that’s trapped behind bars. 
Taking over her face, like an invisible disguise;
Washed away, when he looks at her, with tears in his eyes. 
He remembers the time when she left, but still stayed.
It seems so long ago. He’s becoming afraid. 
“Will she ever come back? Will she remember if she does?
The things that I did? The person I was? 
Will she ever hear my cries? Will I ever break through?
Has it taken too long? Has it taken me too?
Should I begin letting go, and risk missing her restored?
If she does return, would either of us consider it a reward?”
All that’s left, he decides, is to give into the shame.
Chop the family tree down; Put an end to their name. 
A smiling face can’t mask a life wrought with pain,
From the silence, comes the sound, of a sound mind gone insane. 

Watched in silence with the COLLAB!

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