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  • Bend It Like Beckham

    Bend It Like Beckham

    didn’t watch this today but i did make an about me list!! please check it out <3

  • Bobby Deerfield

    Bobby Deerfield


    i finally finished the last film from al’s best decade!!! and it was the most mind numbingly boring film i’ve ever sat through

    it’s not an objectively bad film but if you don’t care about the characters (and i didn’t), the nothingness is unbelievably BORING 

    this is the first al performance i’ve seen that wasn’t absolutely phenomenal, i’ve seen a lot of people say that al looked bored during this film and i agree but i was so bored watching…

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  • The Kissing Booth 3

    The Kissing Booth 3

    the kissing booth
    2 kissing 2 booth
    the kissing booth: tokyo drift
    kissing booth 4
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    booth 7
    the fate of the booth

  • The Kissing Booth 2

    The Kissing Booth 2


    ive read fanfiction that is better written than this literal feature length film