Trainspotting ★★★★

Lilly Allens dad sells smack, pass it on x

I watched this for Kelly Macdonald and Kelly Macdonald only x (& also millie mildred power) and although it wasn't my favourite most ground-breaking breath-taking watch it did make me feel some type of way.

Drug addict Renton wants to start afresh and move himself to London after a spate of horrible life occurrences, to be as far away from his homeland of Scotland and it's bad influences as possible. Will he be able to kick the habit or will his friends force his hand and make him return to his old ways? Watch and find out x

I think the reason I didn't vibe with 'Trainspotting' as much as the avid fans do was due to the fact it's so nitty gritty. A little too nitty gritty for my young innocent mind x So many scenes made sick rise through my stomach and that! is not a feeling I like to feel x I can however see why it takes top place of so many cult classic hit lists. Finally too a movie which makes me realise why Ewan McGregor is as acclaimed as he is x maybe the man can act x