Knives Out ★★★★


What started off as a pretty cliche ‘who dunnit’ overtime blossomed into really quite an enjoyable watch. Although it did keep many of its cliches, the under-toned humour & quirky characters really made “Knives Out” that much more enjoyable.

I will admit I was prepared to walk out of the cinema due to intense boredom in the first few opening acts & scenes, however hearing rave reviews I thought better than to desert my fellow friends x (shoutout to miss emma jane grimley & millie mildred power x) and it did indeed pay off! Although not entirely new or unique in terms of the murder mystery genre “Knives Out” brings something good to the table with its fun editing style & ace cast. Shoutout to miss jamie lee daughter of psycho shower scene curtis & father of dakota johnson? Who would have genuinely known x most definitely not me x

Overall a great watch & most definitely worth a gander if criminal comedies are ur cup of tea x ive said it once and ill say it again... toni... ur oscar is on its way soon missy x but for now uve won my heart and the heart of the entire nation x

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