Kill Bill: Vol. 2 ★★★★

"Well, guess what bitch. I'm better than Annie Oakley and I've got you right in my sights, so let's talk"

Uma Thurman's back on the road tracking down the last of her killers. Will she finally complete her quest for revenge? Or will she perish once more, this time for good? Tune in to find out.

My only thoughts about this series are as follows:

<3 Daryl <3 Hannah <3 Marry <3 Me <3

I have come to the conclusion that I don't particularly enjoy QT movies but I do of course appreciate them for the artistry and cult classic feel. A man of many talents but not a man of my heart x However... that 'About her' Bill interlude... That's what we like to call cinema bby x raised the bar from 3.5 stars to a solid 4. Just not my cup of tea x