Ella Enchanted ★★★½

Can we talk about the fact that Annie Hathaway went from noughties 'it' girl to overly criticised Oscar winner whom people hated on for no real reason other than pure jealously and undercover misogyny to finally take her rightfully deserved throne as straight queer icon? Because I for one am glad she finally found us, I accept you Ms Hathaway, a true queenie x

As for 'Ella Enchanted' what an absolute GEM. I will admit when I started watching I was a bit confused as to why the narrator & fairies were speaking some unknown fairy-tale language but after about 10 minutes I realised I was in fact watching the Russian version which I quickly changed!x The rest of the viewing I am glad to proclaim went very smoothly.

Yes, I did cry at the Ella of Frell X Prince Char 'somebody to love' singalong spectacle and I am not embarrassed to admit it. A wholesome gem with such overwhelmingly potent 00s vibes which I for one... was obsessed with x Everbody say Thankyou Anne Hathaway! Thankyou Hugh Dancy! and Thankyou Slannen the lawyer elf x

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