The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides ★★★★★

The score of "The Virgin Suicides" was done by Air - who put a track in the film called “Playground Love” in which they state: “I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor”. This little quip sounds like a teen’s angsty poetry - but seeing as Sofia Coppola’s film is so interested in capturing the aura of that feeling makes it all the more understanding. The title credits are designed like the large bubble letters of a teen girl’s notebook and Coppola’s visual design is bipolar in its use of filter and blur. But with the haunting face of Kirsten Dunst and the voiceover of a teen boy smitten with his own nostalgic longing for love - Coppola captures the under-developed adolescent (and the still under-developed adults they will become) with her seemingly tear-filled eyes - peaking the film with a post-sex sequence located in an empty football field; speaking to generations of young adults not yet comprehending why the world can be so cruel.