Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

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You said it yourself, bitch: we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.

When I purchased a Blu-ray player about a month ago, I wondered to myself what my first Blu-ray would be and what kind of ceremony I would put it through since it would be the first in an inevitably long line of Blu-ray discs to join my movie collection. Then my local Best Buy ad came rolling along in the Sunday newspaper and in it, I saw that they were selling an “Exclusive to Best Buy” Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray steelbook (that was modeled after the Walkman that Peter carries around in the movie). “Awesome,’ I thought, as I eagerly anticipated the following Tuesday (the 9th), ‘I hope this isn't sold out which will result with me crying in a corner!”

Then, when I went to my local Best Buy at 10:00 AM (their opening time) on that Tuesday, I walked inside to find that the steelbooks were already sold out. I then figured that the best course would be to go to two more Best Buy stores to find the damn thing only to discover that those two Best Buys were also sold out. I then realized that finding this Guardians steelbook at a Best Buy would be the equivalent of finding a Wii on its launch day.

When I arrived back home, I proceeded to cry in a corner for several hours and then I studied for a final (which resulted in more sobbing). After looking online later that night for other cool editions of Guardians, I came across a store that was selling the Blu-ray edition of the movie with five different slipcovers (each one had a different Guardian on it); that store was Walmart. When I saw the slipcover for Rocket, I became excited and started smiling like a little kid as if Christmas had come early for once.

Then when Wednesday (the 10th) rolled around, I took my final, said goodbye to college for the rest of the semester, and I went to Walmart and picked up (the last copy of) the Rocket slipcover and I couldn't stop smiling. I then went and picked up Awesome Mix Vol. 1 so I could live in an endless stream of Guardians material.

For my first journey into the Blu-ray realm, I can safely say that I do not regret Guardians being my first (it took my Blu-ray virginity). Even watching it on the small screen, it still manages to be an epic and powerful movie that is still incredibly hilarious. Seeing the characters and their adventure in crystal clear HD made it even more immersive as it felt like I was there kicking ass and feeling genuine emotions with them.

I love Guardians of the Galaxy. The sequel may still be a few years off, but I am eagerly counting down the days until I’m able to hang out with the coolest superhero group in the universe and feel welcomed among them.

My journey to find a copy of the movie may have been as epic as the Guardians’ journey (and it may have been as equally dangerous) but, in the end, it was worth at least 12% of the effort.

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