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  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight

    might fuck around and make a t-shirt that says "i'd rather be watching lancelot du lac (1974) dir. robert bresson" and sell it on depop

    nah i liked this just fine! there's something about lowery's sensibilities as a storyteller that i've always gravitated towards, even if his style has seemingly surrendered to most of the motifs people have come to expect from its distributor. but certain idiosyncrasies translate here pretty well, making this work best as a series of really…

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice

    imagine composing images that move this fluidly and distinctly then not only having them dismissed by film school dorks as looking like a student film but having the general consensus be that digital cameras should distance themselves from this look and gradually toward the look of a format they can never even come close to resembling.

    getting my second pfizer next week, who wants to pick up some mojitos and hitch a go-fast boat?