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  • The Superdeep

    The Superdeep


    Set in the Gorbachev era of Russia.

    The Kola Superdeep is a massive secret Soviet facility, which was closed due to strange sounds emanating from there. A small team of researchers are ordered to go there to find out the truth. Anya (Milena Radulovic) is an epidemiologist with past regrets sent to collect samples of a strange infection reported by the survivors. The characters struggle between political and personal loyalties, before the threat to humanity comes at odds with the…

  • Monstrous


    I was not a fan of this film. I struggled through most of the film unable to really get into the tension as things seemed pretty obvious from the outset. The "Squatch" (sasquatch) was barely seen throughout the film, and seemed like such a tag on to gain funding for what was ultimately just a Thriller. Ultimately, not the "monstrous" monster film I was really hoping for.

    If you enjoy a taut romantic lesbian thriller with a little mystery on the side, this may be your cup of tea. But it wasn't mine.

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  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    Despondently sad and heartbreaking, The Amusement Park was commissioned in 1972 as a project to draw attention to the issues of aging and elderly abuse. Considered "lost" for more than 30 years, George Romero's producers shelved the product after deeming it too frightening- but the film accomplishes it's goal. The prints discovered were badly faded, but lovingly restored with the help of Romero's widow and various others. It clocks in at a mean, lean 53 minutes and is an absolute…

  • The Void

    The Void


    The Void

    Sometimes the niche is incredibly small. A sliver of an audience or a grain, but the niche still exists and it still wants to be served. There are only so many jump scares a film can have before you go numb, only so many CGI effects before you stop feeling the impact, and sometimes the brain is starved for something “different” and also a little familiar. The Void is a perfect thirst quencher for the classic horror of…