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  • Film Gaudí
  • This Is My Country
  • Pain & Gain
  • Hellraiser

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  • The Cut

    The Cut


    thought it was scary enough as a far away slow moving silhoutte in the dark. it was also just brilliant handling of a small budget, which made me lower my guard down for a while. but that just made it all the more cathartic for the reveal which does not disappoint the unreal tension building goin on here

  • Attached



    i like pretty much everything about this. the forms are super creative and always serving the story well. not to mention it always looks phenomenal. the lighting and step printing goes especially hard. the split screen would have been fun to watch even as a gimmick, but here it becomes an essential and profound part of the concept as a whole. the movie has offered a refreshing take on one of the oldest myths. it never occurred to me that…

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  • Cleaners



    the move towards nostalgia in our content has quite often annoyed me. i think the overproduction of nostalgia in art is at its worst when it hinders any mode of innovation. i'm happy to say that cleaners was far from that type of walk down memory lane. there is nothing like it i have ever experienced. at the same time, everything in it feels so familiar. i've met these people. i've said these lines. i've heard these stories. but i…

  • John Denver Trending

    John Denver Trending


    John Denver Trending is a call-out.
    Not on any one person or action but on an entire culture of people and a whole system of actions. It's less about a singular event and more a discourse on 'the' discourse that can unfold from an event. Discourse may not be the best word as it does not propose countermeasures to its diagnosis but it is still therapeutic in the way screaming at a pillow is. It's a frustrated expression of how…