The Social Dilemma ★★★★

2020 Ranked

I found this to be an incredibly riveting commentary on the existential dangers of social media on one side. The other side is a kind of a pointless docudrama about a teenager’s affliction with his phone. For the most part I thought this was a great documentary. It is scary to note how algorithms and computers are becoming more efficient in getting us to read certain information or watch videos.

The documentary explains very well how this has led to the polarization of our society and our inability to be civil with people with different political views. Social media has made our lives easier but it has also created more complexities. It’s alarming to see the rising rates of loneliness, depression, and suicide amongst teens since the rise of social media. Social media has become a tool more manipulative than television or radio ever was. The film ends on a slightly hopeful note, but all the dangers are real and seem to growing stronger as time goes by.

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