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  • Halloween



    1978 Ranked

    Absolute horror classic. The direction of John Carpenter is impeccable. He builds dread and terror with silence and atmosphere. The score is simply iconic and does nothing but give you the chills. The boogeyman never dies.

  • Blue Collar

    Blue Collar


    1978 Ranked

    Paul Schaefer writes and directs this excellent crime drama about three blue collar workers who attempt to steal from a corrupt union. As events unfold in this film, social and racial tensions only get higher. Paranoia settles in; and it results in the death of one the workers. Incredibly reflective of American society still today. The rich only get richer and gain more power, while the working class continues to struggle to maintain a standard living.

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  • Fatherhood



    2021 Ranked

    Fatherhood gives a surprisingly solid dramatic performance from Kevin Hart. It might be a little long and predictable but it had plenty of warmth and charm.

  • Luca



    Pixar Ranked
    2021 Ranked

    This was a very charming and delightful simple coming of age story. I had strong vibes of Call Be Your Name with a bit of The Little Mermaid. The animation was gorgeous and I loved the Italian seaside setting. Not everything Pixar does need to be as ambitious or life-changing as Soul or Inside Out. Luca is a breath of fresh air because of its simplicity and wholesome value. A fantastic summer time film for the…