Signs ★★★

A movie I know a lot of people think it's great or even amazing but for me, I just find it ok. There definitely are great things to say about this film but it also has some bad things. I'll get the good things out of the way first. The cinematography is fantastic, the musical score is fine, the direction is solid for the most part, the editing is good, the atmosphere creates a lot of tension and suspense, the premise itself is cool and pretty terrifying the more you look at it, there are some pretty creepy moments, and most of the acting is fantastic especially from Mel Gibson and Joaquin Pheonix who are the main standouts. However like I said the film has some really big problems. The story is really predictable and not that interesting, the characters are generic, the pacing gets really slow in some moments, there are many weird and odd directing choices, some things don't make sense at all, the acting particularly from the kids is so wooden and flat and I'm sure they are trying but it just gets annoying after a while, and the biggest problem with the film is how it doesn't take advantage of its premise. It really is a shame because there are many scenes that are creepy and even scary and to be put in a situation like the family in this film where they live on a farm and are isolated away from everyone and have to deal with aliens coming near them is a great idea. Think about how suspenseful and intense it would be but instead by the end of the film it just goes back to being a standard we have to defeat this alien which already looks ridiculous and the CGI even for its time wasn't that great. The movie just really takes a great idea and has little to nowhere to go with it so it just goes in the safest and boring way possible along with a twist because M. Night Shyamalan apparently has a fetish for putting twists in his movies. I'm not going to spoil the twist but the more you think about it how can you have that make sense? Overall though even with all of those I still consider Signs a decent movie. It's not bad and I understand why people consider it great but I just didn't get into it as much as other people have. I would say that it's a film worth watching at least once because there is stuff to enjoy about it but I wouldn't expect anything amazing. As it is it's a perfectly fine science fiction thriller that is as bare-bones as you could get in which it probably shouldn't be.

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