Love and Monsters ★★★★

A very big surprise to say the least. I was not expecting to like this film as much as I did but I ended up having a great time with this film. The story is very well-told and engaging, the cinematography is great, the musical score is good, the humor can be effective and funny, the action scenes are intense and very investing to watch, the visual effects look pretty good, the emotional moments are surprisingly strong with many sweet and sad moments, and the performances are fantastic from everyone especially from Dylan O'Brien who did a great job with his role and is the standout of the film. The problems with the film though do keep it from being amazing. Some of the characters are not that memorable, the humor can sometimes not work, and the biggest problem is with the story. For as engaging as the story is it is filled with many cliches and it is very similar to other post-apocalyptic films like Zombieland. I am still torn on which one is better because Zombieland exceeds by providing a lot more laughs than this film. Not to say that the humor in this film is bad and it does work ok but I wasn't laughing that much. This film has a lot more emotion and dramatic moments than Zombieland though so I guess that's where both films succeed in. Zombieland more in comedy and Love and Monsters in the heart which makes them both pretty much equal in terms of quality with all of the positives to say about them but the point still stands that this is a great film. I wouldn't call it a phenomenal film but it is a lot of fun and one that will leave you having a great time. If you haven't seen the film yet then I highly recommend watching it.

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