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  • You've Got Mail

    You've Got Mail


    Cute, but a very strange writing decision to have Tom Hanks’s character find out about the identity of his secret pen pal before Meg Ryan does — and thus he proceeds to be one step ahead of her and manipulates her into loving him — and she falls for it and we are supposed to be OK with this (in fact, celebrate it). A very disappointing turn of events.

  • Moonstruck



    Such a tone. What a strange beast. Opera — through and through. Cage is gorgeous in those ovens, sweating and screaming. Cher is glorious and human — wild with passion and bizarreness and contradictions. It was like eating something I’ve eaten before but prepared completely differently — full of surprises and with a deep, deep care for me — the audience — and the unexpected journey I’m taken on. Every character is just trying their best — aren’t we all?

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  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    Nothing happens — but EVERYTHING happens. A star off for length — one must be open to hypnosis, to intense reflection, while letting this experience unfold. The story and tension happens in silence — in what is not said and what is not seen. An older couple travels to the city from the country to visit their children. No one really wants to see them or has time for them — except the widow of their son, who was killed…

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    Tender, wicked, and sweet. I’ve seen it a number of times — and this time was struck by MacLaine’s performance. Lemmon and MacMurray are wonderful — Wilder’s confidence and thought to frame Lemmon’s physical performances with long takes and wide shots (is there a closeup in the whole film? I’m not sure...) is superb (in one moment a tissue blows out of Lemmon’s hand down the street — one of the most exquisite moments of loneliness in cinema). But MacLaine KNOWS this woman...in her phrasing, the way she moves, the way her eyes dart back and forth — while the rest are performing, MacLaine is remembering.