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  • Hero



    "We are both very foolish"

    Upon rewatch, anything less than a five would be a disservice to its masterfully crafted dance of color, style, visual splendor and elegance in emotionally executed story telling.

    Get a 4k release out in the world STAT.

  • Wolf Creek 2

    Wolf Creek 2


    "You see, no one really gets out of here. Well, not in one piece, you know"

    Kind of goes fucking bonkers doesn't it?

    Pissing in the face of Wolf Creek and then smashing its teeth to the back of its throat, Wolf Creek 2 hits harder, bigger and bloodier. A rampage of smoldering sun beating down on the endless outback while cries of terror, desperation and pain ring through the bush.

    Turning the wattage on full blast was the best…

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  • Censor



    "There's something rotten inside you"

    Hail the Video Nasty

    Argento-esque rainbows splatter and penetrate as a tunnel of psycho-delusional terror opens up with bloodied hands reaching through the haze to grasp and twist the mind.

    In its screaming appreciation for 80s horror and dissection of the troubles and hypocrisy invoked by an era of censorship that rocked an entire genre and nation it goes the distance in crafting a blitzed plot and vibe that takes off and dives deep into…

  • Luca



    "Walking is just like swimming... but without fins... or a tail"

    I don't know how to review Pixar films. All I know is that Luca is a lush brain warmer that you can turn on, relax with and enjoy while being propelled through an outstanding underwater world and coming ashore in a richly vibrant seaside town fueled by glorious imagination.